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User Verification

Identify Authentic Users from Unwanted Characters on Your Platform in Realtime

Make your platform smarter. Identify & take action against suspicious profiles. Keep your users safe & build their trust

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A Better Way to Secure Users on New Age Platform

  • Built with low-latency & near realtime outputs, we help you make your platform smarter & safer for your users

  • We capture, understand, analyze & interpret all the structured & unstructured data to help you keep a strict quality control

  • Ingesting data streams from multiple sources & protocols to build predictions for you to learn more

  • Making it easier for you to distinguish between authentic users, sucpicious profiles & bad characters

  • Use our insights to perform quick actions against unwanted user profiles



Empower your platform with necessary tools to give your users the safest experience

Quick Onboarding

Simple API integration lets platforms & apps go live quickly with a few simple clicks without the hassle of paperwork


Real-time user's credibility & trust predictions to help businesses make fast & agile decisions

Machine Learning

Building correlations between datapoints that were impossible to do traditionally to understanding user behaviour


Simple API pricing model that fits your business from day one. Choose a plan that suits your need & go live


Near real-time API, allowing you to monitor your platform & take quick action against suspicious users


Get bank-grade security & cryptography protection to data. Compliance with industry regulations to keep user data safe

Integrate Us & Start Protecting Your Users

Credible Ninja can help you weed out suspicious users on your platform by integrating user verification, authentication, trustworthiness & user credibility workflows



Onboard now with a simple pay per user model


Easily Integrate

Integrate on your platform with ease with no code change in the product



Keep up with your users in realtime & take actions

Catering Industries


Helping People Have Safe Interactions.


Identifying Bad Actors on the Platforms.

Shared Economy

Building Trust To Make Gig Economy Work Better.

Human Resource

Power Of Analytics To Choose Best Employees.

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