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Go Beyond Know Your Customer (KYC)

Identify & Block Suspicious Users on Your Platform

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Do More with Credible Ninja

  • Replace your older & time consuming manual user verification process with a newer, better, faster & cheaper verification model

  • - Get accurate user identification & verification with our 12-tier verification model

  • - Use Credibility Scores generated by user’s digital footprint & their online social profile analysis for better understanding

  • - Take appropriate action against low Trustworthy users & reward users with high Trustworthiness

  • - We make it easy for you to distinguish between a genuine & a sucpicious user with bad intentions



  • Verify Users

    Choose from multiple government databases like Driving License, Aadhar Card & Pan Card for user identification

  • Predictions

    Machine Learning models work 24/7 to weeds out suspected users based on 12 unique parameters

  • Scoring

    Credibility Scores allows you to set a minimum benchmark for the users onboarding your platform

  • Fraudulent User Detection

    Algorithms working in tandem with user's digital footprint, their government database & reported users ledger to accelerate detection


Integrate Us & Start Protecting Your Users

Credible Ninja can help you weed out suspicious users on your platform by
integrating user verification, authentication, trustworthiness & user credibility workflows


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